Want to buy a successful firearm transfer website???

www.FirearmTransfers.net is a 10-year old gun transfer website.   

The business has done over 4,000 firearm transfers over 10-years.  

If you own a Gun Shop this could add 30+ more people walking into your store each month.  If you are good, and people like you.   You may be able to convert a simple $20 transfer into a gun sale.  Selling 30 guns could be $25,000 more top line revenue every month.  This is a significant growth opportunity for someone.  

Here is the catch… 99% of the people who I have transferred for, tell me that they hate regular gun shops.  Bad staff, bad owners, poor customer service, too hard to get the license sent…  You get it.  People used me for 10-years because I’m a good guy.  

If you want to discuss buying the website and continuing a transfer business under your Federal Firearms License please contact me.  412-915-6022