What You Pay 

It's real simple.

$20 per gun transferred*.


I also ship handguns!  $25 plus shipping cost.  I ship using U.S. Mail Flat Rate boxes $11 + $1.50 per $100 of insurance, $3 Signiture Confirmation.  It's important that we agree on the insured value.  (See FAQ about shipping guns.)

To keep my fees low, I don't accept credit cards.  CASH please...

* If you get denied, I'm going to charge you $150 for wasting my time, the other FFL's time, and the sellers time.  You put us all in a bad situation and most people know if they can get a gun in advance!

Note About Discounting:

 Due to a bad experience, I can not make any discounts for multiple gun transfers.  I had a guy call me out and say, "But you did it for my friend."  Even knowing my website is clear that I charge $20 per gun transferred.  Yes, I had not seen that guy in 3 years and it was about 4 AR15 lowers that he was going to build and sell off to friends...