My UPS tracking tells me that my gun will be delivered on Friday, can I pick it up Friday evening?

Because of the day job that I have, I have to pick up all of my UPS, FedEx and US Mail gun deliveries from the distribution centers.  That happens the next business day.  I won't have Friday gun in my hands until 5:30 pm on Monday.  

Why "No CheaperThanDirt.Com" transfers?

They won't let me hold the package for pickup.  Remenber the day job thing...  

Why do you run your business by appointment only?

Guns are a hobby, I have a day job.  The business is to help my fellow shooters out.  I’ve paid over $50 for a transfer once and don’t want anyone to have that experience.  

I'm usually able to transfer on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I start appointments at 7:30 PM.  If I give you a time that doesn't work for you.  Let's talk it out, and find a better time. 

If I buy a rifle face-to-face in PA do we need to have it transferred?

Technically, no. But how do you know that the person isn’t prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm under Federal Law? Spending the $20 and having a background check isn’t all that bad of an idea.  It’s not a guarantee, but much better than nothing at all.

Can I send a handgun using U.S. Mail without a Federal Firearms License?

You can’t send a handgun using U.S. Mail.  Handguns must be sent from FFL to FFL. A Non FFL holder may mail a shotgun or rifle to a resident of his or her own State or to a licensee in any State.  (That's why I offer to ship handguns.  Being an FFL I can use U.S. Mail)

If I buy an AR-15 upper receiver do I need to have it sent to an FFL?

No, only the lower is considered the transferrable item.  The upper receiver can be mailed direct to you.

Can JB1, LLC transfer NFA or Class III items?

No, but I can direct you to a person who can.